Boxed Vegan Mac and Cheese Review

L Annie’s vegan Mac and cheese was $3 at Giant Tiger. It’s the first one I tried. The macaroni is the same as the texture I remember from Kraft. The cheese pack had a distinct vegan cheese smell. The taste of this Mac and cheese is good but it is definitely vegan cheese powder. My apartment has a lingering vegan cheese powder smell. If you really like Kraft Mac and Cheese this is a good vegan substitute.  I have had the Farm Boy vegan and gluten free cheesy Mac for awhile. I think it cost around $3. Farm boy has a lot of great vegan products so I am excited to try this. I also just got back from a vacation with a lot of flight delays so I am very hungry.  The cheeze sauce is very creamy and tasty. It tastes like a homemade vegan cheese sauce.  This is a very good vegan mac. It tastes homemade I wish I had some extra vegan cheese to add to it and bake it. This is something you could serve to guests. It is very good I would buy this again.  I found Vegan goodles at target in Vegas. I don

Mung Bean ‘Eggs’ or Vegan Cheese Sauce

This is part 2 of the previous blog post you can see here 


When I wrote the last  post I didn’t have black salt. I received my order from Amazon a few days ago. Black salt makes things taste like eggs and it also great for bloating, and I personally like the taste. 

This time I put the soaked mung beans, seasonings a little oil and some water in the magic bullet. I think I put too much water. Last time I whipped the mixture with a fork before cooking it in the pan. This time I poured from the blender into the pan. 

While it was cooking I thought this method would make a good vegan cheeze sauce. Just change the seasonings and thin it out with plant milk add vegan cheese. I only had baby bell cheese and coconut almond milk which wasn’t the best for a cheese sauce so i didn’t add much just enough to see if it would work. I will likely try to make a mung bean cheeze sauce in the future. 

I had already added seasoning to make the mixture taste like eggs so I added some vegan butter, plant milk, and baby bel cheese attempting to get a vegan scramble. It was holding together in a ball. I thought i could shape it into an omelette and so I put half the mixture on the plate at first in an omelette shape. After it had cooled a bit I was playing with it and it ended up being an egg patty shape. This will make such a good breakfast sandwich or a great stuffed patty for lunches. The texture looks so good. I put the patty in my fridge overnight and will eat it later to see if it firms up after cooling. I think this will be a great meal prep idea.

I cooked some of the mixture a little more to try and get a scramble. It tasted great especially with black salt added but if you want to make a scramble cooking the mixture like a pancake and then scrambling it gets a firmer texture. 

Mung beans with some spices and a few additions make a cheap and healthy meal. The same ingredients with slight variations to the seasonings and cooking method made three distinct dishes. I personally don’t follow recipes exactly I like experimenting but some of you have asked for a recipe. The original recipe is from VeganHacksPod which can be found here VeganHacksPod. Comment below or tag me on Instagram @LivingOttawaLocal if you try making Mung bean ‘eggs’.


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