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Boxed Vegan Mac and Cheese Review

L Annie’s vegan Mac and cheese was $3 at Giant Tiger. It’s the first one I tried. The macaroni is the same as the texture I remember from Kraft. The cheese pack had a distinct vegan cheese smell. The taste of this Mac and cheese is good but it is definitely vegan cheese powder. My apartment has a lingering vegan cheese powder smell. If you really like Kraft Mac and Cheese this is a good vegan substitute.  I have had the Farm Boy vegan and gluten free cheesy Mac for awhile. I think it cost around $3. Farm boy has a lot of great vegan products so I am excited to try this. I also just got back from a vacation with a lot of flight delays so I am very hungry.  The cheeze sauce is very creamy and tasty. It tastes like a homemade vegan cheese sauce.  This is a very good vegan mac. It tastes homemade I wish I had some extra vegan cheese to add to it and bake it. This is something you could serve to guests. It is very good I would buy this again.  I found Vegan goodles at target in Vegas. I don

2022 Vegan Holiday Chocolate Tasting

This year there were so many options for vegan chocolate I had to limit what I bought. I am not sure if it’s because I live in Ottawa now or vegan items are more accessible in general. In the past even just last year when I was in Vancouver I was limited by what I had access to. This year I had to limit what I bought because there were so many options. You can see last years post here  2021 vegan holiday chocolate tasting This year I purchased most of the chocolates in Ottawa compared to last year when I bought them in Vancouver the exception is from the Plant Curious box that I ordered from BC. I don’t remember all the prices but I will include the ones I remember. From my experience food prices even accounting for the cost of everything has gone up recently that food in Ottawa is more expensive than it is in Vancouver. I tried to include a variety in this review from items that are a good range of prices  between $2-$35 and items that are local to Ottawa to items that are available a

Living in Ottawa compared to Vancouver in 2022

Today December 11, 2022 is the first time I have worn my snow Parka in Ottawa or anywhere. I usually avoid places that have snow for enjoyment. If you have not read my previous posts I moved from Vancouver to Ottawa in June. I lived in Vancouver almost my whole life this is the first time I have lived in a colder climate. I moved to Ottawa in the summer so I haven’t experienced winter yet. I have been warned many times about January. I was also warned many times about the humid summer and I loved it although I have air conditioning and a great rooftop amenities in my building. It does seem to be a warmer winter than usual so far. I bought the snow parka in the summer for a great sale and so far my Vessi boots seemed to work well. Vessi’s were great in the snow but not when it turned to slush so I will have to change to winter boots. It is now a week later and we had another snow storm the winter boots I got from amazon have great grip. The snow plows plowing the sidewalk here was new f