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Better Forking vegan Mac and cheese review

I found better forking Vegan Mac and cheese at Home Sense. It was $4.99 The ingredients are simple slightly different than other Mac and Cheese as it has potato and coconut flour in it. The instructions say to cook the pasta for 7-8 minutes but I found mine took 10 to cook.  I don’t always follow instructions when I cook but I am trying to have the same comparisons for all my mac and cheese reviews. Usually the instructions will say to make the sauce by adding vegan butter, plant milk, and cheese packet then add the pasta. The steps were slightly different on the box drain the pasta and quickly put it back in the pan. Add the butter stir. Add the powder stir. Add the plant milk stir. Then let sit for a couple minutes. I tried the pasta with seasoning before I added the milk and I really liked it. It tasted like nacho cheese powder. When I added the milk the taste changed it may be because I only had almond milk it’s not bad though. I added some parmela creamy vegan cheese and really li

Boxed Vegan Mac and Cheese Review

L Annie’s vegan Mac and cheese was $3 at Giant Tiger. It’s the first one I tried. The macaroni is the same as the texture I remember from Kraft. The cheese pack had a distinct vegan cheese smell. The taste of this Mac and cheese is good but it is definitely vegan cheese powder. My apartment has a lingering vegan cheese powder smell. If you really like Kraft Mac and Cheese this is a good vegan substitute.  I have had the Farm Boy vegan and gluten free cheesy Mac for awhile. I think it cost around $3. Farm boy has a lot of great vegan products so I am excited to try this. I also just got back from a vacation with a lot of flight delays so I am very hungry.  The cheeze sauce is very creamy and tasty. It tastes like a homemade vegan cheese sauce.  This is a very good vegan mac. It tastes homemade I wish I had some extra vegan cheese to add to it and bake it. This is something you could serve to guests. It is very good I would buy this again.  I found Vegan goodles at target in Vegas. I don

Visiting Las Vegas staying at South Point alone for the first time

My mom and I used to go to Las Vegas a few times a year before the pandemic. Our last trip was in October of 2019 all of our trips were good but the trips in 2019 were standout trips. If you have not read my previous blogs my mom passed away five months ago. This trip was a solo trip for me as my personal tribute to my mom and celebrated her birthday the way we would have if she was still here. I found out grief travel is a thing on this trip and I suppose that is what I was doing.  The last year has been really stressful I dealt with my mom’s pancreatic cancer, sold both of our primary residences, moved across the country, started two new jobs, my mom passing and getting covid at her funeral. Did I mention menopause? It was definitely time for a vacation and the realization that I haven’t gone on vacation since 2019.   A lot of people questioned me on my decision to go to Vegas alone. I used to travel with my parents who have both passed now. I did plan to meet up with a friend that l