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Day 5 Jamaica Trip April 2024

 Today my friends aunt was coming to pick us up at 10. I went for breakfast at 9:30. My friend was there earlier and she got some plantains today but they weren’t very ripe. Breakfast was the same as yesterday for me so I didn’t take any pictures. In the morning I did call for some bottles of water to my room but it was too early I learned I could get some at the buffet.  My friends aunt was delayed so had time to sit at the coffee shop. This was the view from the coffee area. We chatted with security and the taxi driver at the hotel for awhile before we left. We didn’t leave the hotel until 12. My friends aunt got proper plantains we ate it in the car. Today we decided to go to Ocho Rios. I have never been there and it is not that far from where we are staying. We have a driver booked for tomorrow to take us around the area and Bob Marley house tour. My friends aunt wanted Pizza Hut we stopped in a plaza that had KFC, Starbucks, and Pizza Hut. Last time I was in Jamaica I saw the plan

I flew Canada’s worst airline and had a great experience

Flair started direct flights to Vegas from Ottawa. I have heard so many bad things about the airline but my first experience was fantastic.   I would usually take checked luggage but I was worried that luggage would get lost. I have a Solgaard check in suitcase and couldn’t imagine traveling with anything else anymore so I splurged on a carry on closet. I hope to do a lot more traveling in the future and now I have luggage for it. Flair does charge for carry on but the flights are still much cheaper than other airlines. My interest is in the direct flight but I have no issues paying for some extras. I buy seat selection because I want a window seat to take videos. I have short legs so leg room is not an issue for me. There was a lot of room under the seat for bags and feet. I saw complaints about not having reclining seats but I never recline my seat and I don’t like it when the person in front of me reclines. Even with extras my round trip flight was $300 and the majority of the price

My best friend from Vancouver came to visit and I had an Ottawa staycation

My best friend came to visit from Vancouver which gave me an excuse to be a tourist in this city. I moved from Vancouver to Ottawa last year and I had only visited when my niece and nephew were born prior to moving here. There are many tourist type things I have wanted to do here but I haven’t had the chance to.  My friend arrived on Wednesday evening I had a busy couple days at work so her timing was perfect for me to finish work and then enjoy the next couple of days with her in vacation mode. She came to my place we toured Uppliva spa for awhile then we went to Parkdale night market. My friend is Jamaican and not vegan she was looking forward to having Jamaican food here. She tried a few things and didn’t like them but she did feel like Ottawa in summer is a lot like Jamaica and I agree. We decided to order some delivery for her and the usual vegan vendors were not at Parkdale night market that week so I went to Banhmiyes and got a vegan chick’n dish.  Ott.eats  on Instagram had giv