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2024 Contest Wins

I enter and win a lot of contests but I always forget to track how much I win. This year I am going to have a blog post and keep updating it as I win.  My first win of the year happened to be while I was visiting Vancouver in February. I won two tickets to the home and garden show and a package of Noods (vegan noodles). Thank you to Plant Based Workshop value $45. 

I ate all the vegan food in Vancouver BC Canada June 2023

I was in Vancouver for a week in mid June 2023. All I did was meet people and eat vegan food. I got a chance to visit a lot of the new vegan places. If you are new to my blog I used to live in Vancouver for almost my whole life and I moved to Ottawa a year ago. Ottawa has a lot of vegan businesses and if not fully vegan almost every place will have at least one vegan option. I find Vancouver is different in that there aren’t a lot of vegan businesses and many places don't have vegan options so when one opens  everyone commutes to try it.    I Landed in YVR on Saturday evening and on the way out before baggage claim there is an Upmeals vending machine. I filtered it to Vegan to take the pictures. I didn’t buy anything because I still needed to get my luggage and I was planning to get the vegan breakfast sandwich from 7-11. I have yet to find the machine when I leave the airport would be great to get something for the plane ride. Last time I was in Vancouver I was lucky enough to try