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Day 2 Jamaica trip 2024

I’m writing this post a few weeks after returning to Ottawa but the next few days I wrote while I was in Jamaica. It was a very busy trip but this was a day I got to stay at the resort. Jewel Paradise Cove while my friend figured out our plans for the remainder of the week.  The resort posts the activity schedule on the app, on tv’s in the room, and on a screen in the lobby. I had seen that there was a resort tour at 11:00. I have stayed in many resorts and it usually the company that you booked with doing these tours. I liked that there was no need to wait for a specific tour rep and the hotel was doing this. My friend was out up and early for the garden tour. I slept in and went for breakfast at 10:30. I wanted my friend to come in the hotel tour with me because I have no sense of direction but we later discovered we weren’t getting each others text messages and I thought she was still on the garden tour.  I had received my friends text that she was disappointed there were no plantai

First Time on BusinessClass Viarail train Ottawa to Toronto as a Vegan

Now that I live in Ottawa taking the train is something I wanted to try. I have booked the train before but due to weather and a train derailing my experience with via rail was many attempts at booking and rebooking but that trip didn’t happen.  It is now April in Ottawa where you never know what weather you will get. Today is a beautiful day the sun is shining on through the window but you can see all the snow and ice on the ground. The sun is coming through the window.  You all know I love a good deal and I get a 25% discount on fares through my work so I booked business class to go to Toronto. It is Easter Sunday the total with tax from Ottawa to Toronto with the discount is $146. This is more expensive than it was in December but so far it is worth it.  I arrived to the train station perfectly on time to get boarding but too late to see what the lounge was like. There were people that got on the train late because they didn’t hear the announcement in the lounge. My train was at 11: