2024 Contest Wins

I enter and win a lot of contests but I always forget to track how much I win. This year I am going to have a blog post and keep updating it as I win.  My first win of the year happened to be while I was visiting Vancouver in February. I won two tickets to the home and garden show and a package of Noods (vegan noodles). Thank you to Plant Based Workshop value $45. 

JustEgg vs Mung bean Scramble using Vegan Hacks Pod recipe

Just Egg is a great vegan egg substitute but it is getting very expensive and it is also a plastic bottle with ingredients that I am not familiar with. This little bottle was on sale for $7 at the grocery store. 

I have seen a few different recipes of recreations of Just Egg using mung beans but they all had ingredients i didn’t want to buy. Veganhackspod had a very simple recipe on his Instagram essentially just mung beans and black salt. I had a hard time sourcing these two ingredients in my area mung beans are usually easily accessible but they have been sold out at all the stores. After months of looking I finally found a bag at the grocery store for $3. This bag will last a long time. 

I love black salt it is great for bloating and I personally like the taste. A lot of vegans will use it to make things taste like eggs. The only place I have been able to find it in my area is at whole foods but it is a giant bottle and I have very little space in my kitchen that size will go to waste. In Vancouver I had a grinder of black salt that I have ordered from Amazon but it is going to take a couple weeks to get here. I never liked the taste of eggs but I did like them the texture the ease of cooking but I usually seasoned them so I thought I could make an omelette with other flavours. Then I realized I had no chicken bullion from smell foods and this has a lot of similar spices as just egg so started with a scramble. 

I washed and soaked the mung beans before I went out for the day. They were soaked for 6 hours. Then I added some spices and ground them in the magic bullet. When I took this picture I hadn’t added old bay seasoning or oil which I did after. The just egg is much whiter because I added turmeric to the mung bean mix I put turmeric in everything. The just egg is runnier some recipes for mung bean egg add plant milk I wanted to keep this simple but I will try that in the future. 

My mom used to make pancakes out of different lentils and oats or rice. I would add cheese to that sometimes and think it was egg like. I used the same cooking method cook it like a pancake first then scramble it. 

The mung bean egg cooked for about 7 minutes. The texture and stickiness changed after awhile and it was easy to clean the pan. At the end I could still taste the mung bean flavour so I decided to add a little vegan butter and sauté it. It made it taste much better. The mung bean egg is very tasty not really egg like but it’s very good. 

Everytime I cook Justegg it sticks to the pan. It also gets a lot of air bubbles and makes me wonder what is in it. 

Just egg has a fluffy slightly rubbery texture . The mung bean egg has a chewy but softer texture. Just egg has a very salty slightly chemical taste to it. I don’t think it tastes like eggs. The mung bean tastes like mung beans with seasoning. I think it will be very good with black salt. I like the mung bean mixture I wouldn’t call it an egg substitute but for a healthier and much cheaper vegan meal it is great. I will continue to experiment with cooking mung beans and will have future blog posts about it. 


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