Westjet economy vs Air Canada business class

In June I knew I was going to Vancouver from Ottawa and if you know me I can’t buy anything unless it’s on sale. If you are new to my blog I lived in Vancouver almost my whole life and last year I moved to Ottawa so I go to Vancouver frequently to visit friends and relatives. The hotel I like to stay at usually sends me a personal promotional rate once a month. See my YouTube video here of the Riverrock hotel suite  Riverrock Hotel Richmond BC The hotel prices in Vancouver had increased significantly since the last time I visited in February. I had started looking to visit in May when I wanted to go to Plant Expo but the prices were too high. I still wanted to visit and I was looking at flights earlier. While searching I thought the business class flight is less than it normally costs to fly economy.  I was tempted to book it and cancel later if the hotel didn’t work out which I didn’t do it but I should have because if I booked it then would have been less than my economy flight I sti

Part 2 what has been happening in my life

If you have not read part 1 you can read that here 

My mom had moved to Ottawa before me and stayed in apartment hotel in downtown. I stayed with her for awhile. This was a hard adjustment. My mom and I were both used to living alone but close to each other. My mom had already made this her home as much as one can in a hotel. I had my own bedroom and bathroom in the hotel but no area to sit and the area was not the greatest. Ottawa is very safe but downtown is downtown everywhere especially as mental health issues and homeless populations increase due to the pandemic. The nice thing was the mall and Byward market were close by and vegan food options were easily accessible. 

I was looking for my own place but the condo market was overpriced. I found a place that had an option to rent and thought it would be a good idea to rent until after I have experienced winter here. Through connections things ended up working out my mom’s retirement home and the apartment I am renting are a block away from each other. 

I love the area and the apartment I am living in now. It is a very walkable area with lots of small businesses along with great vegan food options. There is even a farmers market and during the summer a night market. Ottawa night time is from 4-8 pm everyone sleeps at 9pm here. I love how it’s a busy area during the day and at night it is quiet. 

The view from my apartment window is amazing. Everyday it looks like a different painting. The building also has fantastic amenities like a rooftop, gym,

I really like Ottawa. When I think about the things that have happened this year it all seems very stressful. My mom and I often talk about how things have worked out great here and we keep getting connected with the right people. I hope I will have more time to write about life updates in the future as there are so many things happening. Let me know in the comments or on Instagram @livingottawalocal if you enjoy the life update series. 


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