Starbucks hot apple crisp macchiato

In a previous post I reviewed the iced apple crisp. Today is a strange weather day it’s sunny and raining at the same time. Cold from the wind and hot from the sun at the same time. It seemed to be a perfect day to try a fall drink released in summer.  I also had stars that were going to expire soon. I would normally order a tall since I was using the stars I got a grande. The only customization I did was request coconut milk. I know it’s not the best for this kind of drink it’s the one I like the most. Otherwise I wanted to try it the way it came.  Previously I had gone shopping with my mom and then decided to walk home. I had a heavy bag of flour to carry on the 1.5 km home. I was hoping that I could sit outside at Starbucks. All the outside tables were taken and inside was efficient with them having a person opening and closing the door and telling you to go pick up your mobile order if it’s there. I’m not comfortable sitting inside anyways but it was definitely an atmosphere of gra

October 8 2016 - haircuts at annex, a stop at l'occitane and tea at soirette

Had a fun day catching up with a friend I haven't seen for awhile. We first met at annex to get our hair cut. This is my favorite salon as all the stylists know how to handle my naturally wavy hair and they give you a shoulder massage with your haircut. My hair always looks good when I leave and the price is very reasonable for the service they provide. They remembered cutting my friend's hair in July impressive.

some of the l'occitane haul as some items already given to my friend

We then went to l'occitane to pick up our free gifts I am a l'occitane vip and have a bit of a problem with buying to much when I go to the store. I only go there a few times a year and always when I qualify for something free because I always leave with over $100 in products. I had two coupons that they let me use separately. The first was the free gift with $10 off if you spend $35 or more so I bought shampoo and conditioner since I needed that anyways. The other was a free gift with $70 purchase I bought a $65 manicure kit I use the lotion and the nail oil and am out of both this is probably something I didn't need to buy if there was no free gift. My friend let me purchase her $6 soap to get the $70 so I could get the gift. We still  had some time before our 230 tea reservation and it was raining so we went into roots and Victoria Secret but neither one of us purchased anything.


We then walked over to soirette  where we had reserved tea and my vegetarian option request was confirmed. We were a little early and 3 of the 4 tables were full they were accommodating and seated us at a table that was obviously ready for someone else as there were three settings so they removed one

On arrival I went to the bathroom while my friend was given the tea menus and informed we also chose a macaroon flavour each. I had to go to the display to chose my macaroon and there was a few samples out I tried one I think strawberry chocolate but found it sweet. They took our tea order while I was looking at the macaroon. I chose a robios with mango and passion fruit. I am not sure what my friend chose it was an herbal tea with ginger. They brought the tea gave us a few minutes.

A few minutes later they asked if we had chosen our macaroons, I chose a creme Brule my friend had a fleur de sel caramel. They brought out our platters the girl told me my prawn tart was replaced with dill cucumber. Then another girl came and explained all the other items but I wasn't paying much attention. I did take a pic of each item as I ate it so will try to explain individually below. I did hear her say chicken sandwich so I asked her what was in mine it was a morrocon cabbage. Our macaroons were on the wrong plates so we switched them and began to eat.

I started with the croissant sandwich with white bean spread. This was really good it had cucumbers and the spice on the carrots was really tasty.

Next was a scone I almost ate it before I took the pic that's why it looks eaten. I am not sure what flavour it was but it was really moist. I also don't know what the two spreads were I think vanilla cream and some butter I really should have paid attention when the girl explained. It was tasty and
th scone was moist.

Next I are the sandwich which was morrocan cabbage it kind of tasted like an egg sandwich with cabbage instead of egg. I would have never thought of making a sandwich like that. The bread was really soft and I liked it. Don't worry if you are not vegetarian you get a chicken sandwich.
Next I ate the cone. I think it was a hazelnut mouse it was good.
Then I ate the orzo salad again good
Then I was getting full but only a few dishes to go. I ate the poached pear panna cotta next. This was really good I didn't really know it was pear until i heard the waitress explaining to someone else that it was a poached pear in hibiscous my friend said she knew it was pear. I really liked this the texture was really nice.
Next was the cucumber dill tart. This is a prawn tart for non vegetarians. I really liked the dill flavour in this and the cheese was really smooth.

And the last dish. I am not really sure what the cookie was it was good it had nuts and chocolate pieces inside it. The macarron although the stores speciality was my least favorite. It was really sweet. I have a sweet tooth and really like a good macarron but this one was just too sweet for me.
The price of this tea was $37 overall it was a good experience one time and the food was good. It is a cafe style they only have 4 tables at it is a small location. This is my first tea experience in Vancouver so I do not have much to compare it to. I enjoyed the food but for the price would have liked a nicer atmosphere. My friend who has been to many tea's said this was in the mid level of the ones she has been to. I would recommend trying it once for a special occasion.


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