Day 5 Jamaica Trip April 2024

 Today my friends aunt was coming to pick us up at 10. I went for breakfast at 9:30. My friend was there earlier and she got some plantains today but they weren’t very ripe. Breakfast was the same as yesterday for me so I didn’t take any pictures. In the morning I did call for some bottles of water to my room but it was too early I learned I could get some at the buffet.  My friends aunt was delayed so had time to sit at the coffee shop. This was the view from the coffee area. We chatted with security and the taxi driver at the hotel for awhile before we left. We didn’t leave the hotel until 12. My friends aunt got proper plantains we ate it in the car. Today we decided to go to Ocho Rios. I have never been there and it is not that far from where we are staying. We have a driver booked for tomorrow to take us around the area and Bob Marley house tour. My friends aunt wanted Pizza Hut we stopped in a plaza that had KFC, Starbucks, and Pizza Hut. Last time I was in Jamaica I saw the plan

Another vegan chocolate tasting

 When I was at the mall recently I noticed a lot of new vegan chocolate options. Of course I had to buy a few. 

There was a moo free section on the easter chocolate display. I bought the smallest Easter bunny for $2.99 but there is a big Easter egg I really want to try. It was out of my budget for the day but let me know if you want me to do an Easter vegan chocolate review in the future. 

The bunny was very cute. The chocolate is made with rice milk which I really like in chocolate. It tasted just like a regular solid Easter bunny.  


I found the dwarf stars pumpkin seed butter cups in the sale section of London drugs. I was excited to see vegan white chocolate at my local pharmacy/store. It was on sale for $3.99. These were very good. There is a nice subtle taste in the chocolate the only explanation I can find in the ingredients is rosemary extract. It doesn’t taste like rosemary but the flavour mixed with the ingredients tastes really good. This chocolate is also free from many allergens interesting ingredients are brown rice and imitation butter extract. I will definitely be buying this again. Dwarf stars also said that because we all bought their products during the trial at London Drugs they will be permanently on the shelves now. 

Pea not cups from no whey. These are sunflower seed butter cups. I am a fan of nowhey chocolate and these cost $3.99. I found there was too much chocolate and not enough butter in these. I would have like it much better if the ratio of chocolate to seed butter was different. I won’t get these again because there are a few similar products on the market that I like better. 

I went to London drugs to look at the new Vegan Lindt bars. They were $6.99 and the vego was also $6.99. I thought whole hazelnuts was a much better deal. The chocolate is really good and there are so many hazelnuts in it. The pieces are very large. There are a few things about the packaging that confuse me. It says it’s vegan but also say may contain milk. The rules in Germany where this is made may be different here they say plant based if it may contain dairy. It also says fair trade and I’m no expert but on the back it says it’s 69% fair trade and can be mixed with non certified sugar, cocoa, and vanilla. I have never seen this on a package before and maybe it is something to do with rules in Germany. It makes me think I have to learn more about what fair trade

The coco hot chocolate is so good. I have bought three bags so far. The regular and peppermint flavour are very good. I have had it with just water and various plant milk. They are all very good. Highly recommend you try the hot chocolate. It was $4.99 at London drugs I found it in the special sale bin.


I thought I would try the milkless bar from nowhey because I usually love their products. I did not like this one it was a very plain dry chocolate.

Theo peanut butter cups I think they were good because I ate them before reviewing them. 

I started this post because I went looking for the vegan Lindt bars originally they were too expensive but they went on sale for 2 for $9. I bought a salted caramel and a hazelnut. These bars are made from oat flour but they also have almonds in the ingredients. The salted caramel is very good. I’m not a fan of oat milk but this is good because it’s oat powder. I thought the hazelnut one tasted like any other accidentally vegan chocolate so stick to the salted caramel if you buy these. 

Let me know either in the comments or on Instagram @livingvancouverloca or @veganvancouverfinds if you want to see more vegan chocolate posts in the future. I definitely want to try more. 


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