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Vegan weekend adventures in Ottawa fall 2023

The fall season in Ottawa is a few weeks so you have to enjoy it. This summer was mostly rainy but it was heat wave weather at the end September straight to the colder windy days of October. If you are new to my blog I have lived most of my life in Vancouver and moved to Ottawa last year. I moved to Ottawa with my mom and last fall was dealing with her pancreatic cancer so I didn’t have time to enjoy Ottawa fall things. My mom passed away last October and this year I didn’t have many commitments which left me time to explore the Ottawa beauty and vegan food.  There really isn’t enough time to explore everything and work there is always something going on. I have also gone from not having much of a social life to having to vegan friends in the last couple of months. The beauty of Ottawa is it really is a big city small town at least in the vegan market community. Hotpotatoco one of the vendors at the market introduced me to one of my vegan friends that will be known as the other vegan g

2022 Vegan Holiday Chocolate Tasting

This year there were so many options for vegan chocolate I had to limit what I bought. I am not sure if it’s because I live in Ottawa now or vegan items are more accessible in general. In the past even just last year when I was in Vancouver I was limited by what I had access to. This year I had to limit what I bought because there were so many options. You can see last years post here  2021 vegan holiday chocolate tasting This year I purchased most of the chocolates in Ottawa compared to last year when I bought them in Vancouver the exception is from the Plant Curious box that I ordered from BC. I don’t remember all the prices but I will include the ones I remember. From my experience food prices even accounting for the cost of everything has gone up recently that food in Ottawa is more expensive than it is in Vancouver. I tried to include a variety in this review from items that are a good range of prices  between $2-$35 and items that are local to Ottawa to items that are available a

Living in Ottawa compared to Vancouver in 2022

Today December 11, 2022 is the first time I have worn my snow Parka in Ottawa or anywhere. I usually avoid places that have snow for enjoyment. If you have not read my previous posts I moved from Vancouver to Ottawa in June. I lived in Vancouver almost my whole life this is the first time I have lived in a colder climate. I moved to Ottawa in the summer so I haven’t experienced winter yet. I have been warned many times about January. I was also warned many times about the humid summer and I loved it although I have air conditioning and a great rooftop amenities in my building. It does seem to be a warmer winter than usual so far. I bought the snow parka in the summer for a great sale and so far my Vessi boots seemed to work well. Vessi’s were great in the snow but not when it turned to slush so I will have to change to winter boots. It is now a week later and we had another snow storm the winter boots I got from amazon have great grip. The snow plows plowing the sidewalk here was new f