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2018 Goal Reached earned over $1375 from the internet and $1500 Goal for 2019

If you want to read last year's post click here

Last year I wasn't sure if I would be able to meet this goal but I actually passed it. I am happy about meeting this goal so of course I am motivated to pass it again. 2019 my goal will be $1500 because my circumstances have changed a little since last year. I have a new job with a long commute and not a lot of internet access when I am out. $1500 seems realistic where I have to work but it won't be overwhelming. My requirements are still that I do things I enjoy and can do them anytime I want with no commitment.

I will post links in the future but I really wanted to get this post out before 2019. Here is a breakdown of the earnings

2018 Earnings

mturk$776.69 prolific$162.96 focus group$125.00 field agent$67.50 quest mindshare/panel champ$62.50 Eva$60.00 qricket$57.45 swagbucks$50.00 pinecone$45.00 shoppers army$40.00 other $38.00
Total Ear…