Day 5 Jamaica Trip April 2024

 Today my friends aunt was coming to pick us up at 10. I went for breakfast at 9:30. My friend was there earlier and she got some plantains today but they weren’t very ripe. Breakfast was the same as yesterday for me so I didn’t take any pictures. In the morning I did call for some bottles of water to my room but it was too early I learned I could get some at the buffet.  My friends aunt was delayed so had time to sit at the coffee shop. This was the view from the coffee area. We chatted with security and the taxi driver at the hotel for awhile before we left. We didn’t leave the hotel until 12. My friends aunt got proper plantains we ate it in the car. Today we decided to go to Ocho Rios. I have never been there and it is not that far from where we are staying. We have a driver booked for tomorrow to take us around the area and Bob Marley house tour. My friends aunt wanted Pizza Hut we stopped in a plaza that had KFC, Starbucks, and Pizza Hut. Last time I was in Jamaica I saw the plan

2024 Contest Wins

I enter and win a lot of contests but I always forget to track how much I win. This year I am going to have a blog post and keep updating it as I win. 

Contest win #3 was a medium mixed produce box from OddbunchCanada. Until this contest i didn’t know much about OddbunchCanada. I can’t believe they are selling a produce box of this size and quality for only $32 plus $4 delivery. It is a lot more produce than I was expecting to get and it’s very good quality. Last week during a trip to Montreal I May have complained that I needed to eat some vegetables after all the croissants and sweets that problem is solved. I will likely order a small box $20 from OddbunchCanada in the future. 

Total Value of Prizes so far March 2024 $131

Contest win #2 for 2024 was a Queen Cake from Strawberry Blonde Bakery. A very yummy vegan cake. I packed some up to share with my friends. I’m not sure what this cake is valued at but cakes range from $44-100 on the website. I will go with a conservative $50. 

Total Value of Prizes so far March 2024 $95 

My first win of the year happened to be while I was visiting Vancouver in February. I won two tickets to the home and garden show and a package of Noods (vegan noodles). Thank you to Plant Based Workshop value $45. 


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