Day 2 Jamaica trip 2024

I’m writing this post a few weeks after returning to Ottawa but the next few days I wrote while I was in Jamaica. It was a very busy trip but this was a day I got to stay at the resort. Jewel Paradise Cove while my friend figured out our plans for the remainder of the week.  The resort posts the activity schedule on the app, on tv’s in the room, and on a screen in the lobby. I had seen that there was a resort tour at 11:00. I have stayed in many resorts and it usually the company that you booked with doing these tours. I liked that there was no need to wait for a specific tour rep and the hotel was doing this. My friend was out up and early for the garden tour. I slept in and went for breakfast at 10:30. I wanted my friend to come in the hotel tour with me because I have no sense of direction but we later discovered we weren’t getting each others text messages and I thought she was still on the garden tour.  I had received my friends text that she was disappointed there were no plantai

Happy New Year January 1, 2017 New Year's goals including my review on how I earned money off the internet

Happy New Year I wish all my blog readers a wonderful, prosperous 2017. I don't really believe in New Year's resolutions but I do think the new beginnings help with goal setting. Last year I had three specific goals.

1. Earn $1000 of the internet (I earned over $500 but did not meet the goal)
2. Win a trip (I didn't even come close on this one the only thing I won this year was a $50 Starbucks gift card from saveland) 
3. Get healthy and Lose weight ( I did do this at the beginning at the year but what happened at the end of the year counts so I didn't meet this goal)

As my friend puts in my 2017 goals are a continuation of my 2016 goals my hope is that I do better in 2017.

1. I was highly ambitious with my $1000 goal considering in 2015 I only earned $200. The rules for this are that I do not have to commit to anything I can work when I want and I have to have received payment for it to count. I also do not include discounts or loyalty rewards where I get things for free. There is potential to earn more but I do this as a hobby more than for money I try to only do things I enjoy. My spreadsheet and paypal earnings for the last few months are below. I welcome any advice on what apps or sites I should try out to meet my goal for the year.

My Top 10 Sites or Apps to earn money from the internet as a Canadian 

1. Field Agent
I only discovered this app in October but so far I have earned $68 and a free toaster. Sometimes you have to go to a store and take a picture or find a product. I don't go out of my way to do this if its on my way I will stop sometimes they have surveys to fill out. It is really easy work pays really well for the tasks you do. There is no minimum to cash out and the money goes into paypal.

2. Pinecone Research
It is really hard to get accepted to this site but it can happen you just have to watch out for their ads when they are accepting new recruits. I have been using it for a couple of years. What I like about it is you are qualified for every survey they send they usually take me 15 minutes to do and I earn $3. Their surveys I find really interesting as they are usually about new products. Sometimes you also get some new products to test and that will come with another survey to fill out. I haven't received as many surveys this year as I did the past year but there is no minimum to cash out and the money goes into paypal quickly.

3. Swagbucks
I get my points mostly from searches or twitter codes but there are a number of ways to make money on swagbucks surveys, games,  watching videos, shopping, getting coupons etc. I could make a lot more than I do if I did everything that was available to me. I make around $50 a year right now in giftcards doing nothing. In Canada we can't cash this to paypal however there are numerous gift cards available. There are also lots of prizes you can use your points towards so far I haven't won anything but I keep trying. Right now swagbucks has a promotion that you can earn up to $5 bonus if you use a referral to sign up here is my link if you are interested.

4. Quest MindShare 
I have done the $50 survey which is analyzing 200 songs for two years in a row. It's fun to do you get to listen to song clips and review them. I also have done a few surveys with them but have not met the minimum balance to cash out on those yet.

5. Eva - Ethnic Voice Accord 
This is another really difficult one to get into and it is hard to get surveys. If you do get a survey they pay really well well above other sites just they don't have enough. When surveys do come out they get full really quickly so you have to be available to take them right away. That being said I have cashed out twice already you have to have $25 in your account to cash out and right now I have $12. They also do give referral fees and will give you $2 just for signing up.

6. Ipsos I say 
This doesn't pay as well per survey but there are many available and they tell you the time each will take. The pay works out to 50cents for 10 minutes. I have only cashed out to Starbucks gift cards so far and most of my points I have used towards a draw for a vacation. They added mobile option this year so when I have nothing to do on my commute I will do a survey. This is on my lower end of choices mostly because you don't qualify for every survey you start there will be times when I have answered many questions and it will suddenly say you don't qualify. They do offer you a chance to win a prize with every draw that is done and if I manage to win one one day this will move to the top of my list. I don't like to do long surveys just but for someone who doesn't mind this can be a good money maker. 

7. Opinion Outpost
Another one that doesn't pay that well but really easy to do while commuting. Same problem as Ipsos can get kicked out in the middle of  survey so don't get anything. They usually send e-mails saying how many points and what survey is available. They pay out to Paypal and it doesn't take that long to get the point so I do this when nothing else is available. They also give you entries into a quarterly draw.

8. Ipoll 
I have only used the app version so far and have not had enough surveys to meet the minimum cash out requirement. They do offer a lot of surveys but I find they don't pay enough to make it worthwhile to do most of them. I am keeping this until I can cash out.

9. Qricket
This was my favorite app earlier in the year you free spins every day for watching a few adds. The rest is like a game of roulette except you earn money instead of losing it you choose blue or yellow watch a wheel spin if it lands on your colour then you win the money. You can buy spins or challenge others. I was doing well on buying spins until they increased the price. I lost a bit of money on challenging others as well. You need $25 to cash out to paypal and I am not close at the moment. I enjoy the app though its fun and relaxing. They are also doing Qricket live events this year where you can win up to $1000 so this might get better. If I manage to cash out this year it will increase to one of my favorites.

10. Amazon mturk
I tried to sign up for this last year and was told I did not qualify I believe they were not accepting Canadians at the time. In the summer I got an e-mail that I was accepted so I thought I would give it a try. So far I have made less than $4 and can only cash out to The thing I like about it is that no matter what time it is there is always work available. The thing I don't like it is super low pay there are things on there that I used to get paid above minimum wage to do as a job and these pay 0.01 for more than 5 minutes of work. I am not giving up on this yet because it is very addictive and the more you do the more things of higher value become available people do make decent money of of this. You can also get rejected for the work you do I and not get paid. You really have to put some time in to make money from this it can be done but it is a lot of work so far. I think this is better for Americans a lot of the work is geared towards them and they can also cash out to their bank accounts. As a Canadian we can only buy things from and the shipping cost of doing that might not be worth it either. I haven't given up on this completely yet I do want to see if once I have done more hits if better jobs become available to me so I will keep experimenting with this one.

My spreadsheet of what I earned this year

value Notes

16-Mar swagbucks chapters card $10 chaper's gift card
16-Mar Eva cheque 35 received march 26
16-Mar pinecone cheque 20 received april
23-Apr opinion outpost paypal 10 received april
23-Apr swagbucks starbucks card 5 received april
02-May pinecone paypal 10 orderd may 2 received may 4 pay
04-May ipsos isay starbucks card 5 received may
20-May pinecone paypal 12 received may
29-May swagbucks starbucks card 5 received may
01-Jun focus group cash 100 received june 1 2 hour focus group
27-Jul pinecone paypal 12 received july 27
01-Jul checkout 51 cheque 21 received in july
01-Aug swagbucks starbucks card 25 received august
11-Aug quest mindshare paypal 50 received august 11
21-Sep field agent paypal 4.5 work done on sep 20 super easy task
21-Sep mturk $3 amazon gift card only pay out pay not high but work is always available
23-Sep sold shakeology e-transfer 80 received September sold extra shakeology I wasn't using'
23-Sep field agent paypal 8 15 minute survey at walmart
24-Sep field agent paypal 4 less than one minute took one picture at superstore
06-Oct field agent paypal 4.5 took one pic and answerd a few questions at safeway
07-Oct field agent paypal 10.5 two jobs at superstore little bit more work than the others
14-Oct field agent paypal 10.5 two jobs one  pics of burger king drive through menu and a stop at save on to take one pic
17-Oct field agent paypal 5 answered some questions and took a pic at shoppers
24-Oct pinecone paypal 12 reeceived oct 26
20-Nov field agent paypal 13 recievd in nov , did a couple of easy job incuding surveys
20-Nov sold shakeology paypal 25 net profit
19-Dec pinecone paypal 15 received in dec
26-Dec field agent paypal 8 received in dec
31-Dec brand institute cheque 2 $2 USD cheque received in dec for completing survey
Total $525

other Other
10-Dec toaster field agent free toaster for review on website also paid $5 for the review
01-Dec swagbucks starbucks card 10 have enough points to cash out $10 but waiting for sale usually having $25 is a better deal
other account balance not ready to cashout 100 ipoll, qricket, quest mindshare, eva - have about $100 total but not enough to cash out in any of these yet


Name Gross
27-Dec Field Agent CanadaLoading transaction details for Field Agent Canada $8.00
$8.00 $133.59
20-Dec BBI Marketing Inc.Loading transaction details for BBI Marketing Inc. $15.00
$15.00 $125.59
23-Nov Field Agent CanadaLoading transaction details for Field Agent Canada $13.00
$13.00 $152.34
26-Oct BBI Marketing Inc.Loading transaction details for BBI Marketing Inc. $12.00
$12.00 $139.34
17-Oct Field Agent CanadaLoading transaction details for Field Agent Canada $5.00
$5.00 $127.34
14-Oct Field Agent CanadaLoading transaction details for Field Agent Canada $10.50
$10.50 $122.34
11-Oct Field Agent CanadaLoading transaction details for Field Agent Canada $10.50
$10.50 $111.84
07-Oct Field Agent CanadaLoading transaction details for Field Agent Canada $4.50
$4.50 $101.34


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