Westjet economy vs Air Canada business class

In June I knew I was going to Vancouver from Ottawa and if you know me I can’t buy anything unless it’s on sale. If you are new to my blog I lived in Vancouver almost my whole life and last year I moved to Ottawa so I go to Vancouver frequently to visit friends and relatives. The hotel I like to stay at usually sends me a personal promotional rate once a month. See my YouTube video here of the Riverrock hotel suite  Riverrock Hotel Richmond BC The hotel prices in Vancouver had increased significantly since the last time I visited in February. I had started looking to visit in May when I wanted to go to Plant Expo but the prices were too high. I still wanted to visit and I was looking at flights earlier. While searching I thought the business class flight is less than it normally costs to fly economy.  I was tempted to book it and cancel later if the hotel didn’t work out which I didn’t do it but I should have because if I booked it then would have been less than my economy flight I sti

What I got for free because I had a birthday and subscribed to marketing campaigns

I am subscribed to many marketing campaigns where I get free items for my birthday. Normally I would get more items this year I am moving to another province soon so I only collected things that I will use before I move. I was also super busy on my birthday helping my mom move so all items except for Starbucks did not have to be collected on my actual birthday. 

The first item was $1 cashback on Checkout51 for buying sweets. My rules are your birthday you bring the cake. My boss made me a great vegan cake that was free for me. I also got a vegan tiramisu which I got the cash back on. Checkout51 is a a great app to upload your receipts and get cashback. 

Jugo Juice will give you a free birthday drink if you sign up for their digital rewards program. You also get a free drink when you register but you only have three days to get it so plan when you register. It is a great program. It is an easy registration process and you get free things as soon as you register.

The body shop gives a $10 voucher for your birthday. I combined mine with another points voucher and sales so I got two things for free. I got shampoo because I am always running out of shampoo but you can get anything you want and combine with sales so it a great program. I purchased online to pick up in store so that I could get some cashback and they included another free sample. 

Swagbucks gives you an extra 55sb for redeeming gift cards in your birthday month. You have to activate the bonus it does not get applied automatically if you don't. I usually save my points so I can redeem gift cards to get a swago box or at a time when there is a bonus out. This time I purchased an on sale $5 amazon gift card for 375sb and got the 55sb rebate. It is a great deal. If you are not using Swagbucks here is a referral link Swagbucks. It is a great app to earn points from a variety of things like using it as your search engine, playing games, and many other things. Follow @yourcouponingsis on Instagram she a great guide out on how to earn more Swagbucks. 

Cobs bread has a new points program and they give you a free cinnamon bun for your birthday. Some locations are testing plant based cinnamon buns and I was able to use my reward for one. It is delicious. 

Starbucks is the only item on the list that you have to use the reward on your actual birthday. The others you have a few days to a month to use. Luckily I was able to get out for a little while and I got the most expensive plant based drink that I would drink. This was a once a year drink for sure. 

Sephora has birthday gifts but most of them were sold out in store. I am not sure how early in your birthday month you can get the rewards but try to get them early in the month for more selection. There was a little more selection online and I was able to combine with a free shipping sale and use some other rewards for things I needed. I got an Amika hair set which included hair masks and dry shampoo. 

London drugs gives you a $5 voucher for your birthday. Vegan Lindtt chocolate was on sale for $4.99. You can use it on anything in the store but this was the perfect treat for me. 

This was a great freebie birthday. I got everything I needed for a hectic busy birthday week. All items were easy to pick up or order online. Next year I will be living in Ontario and it will be interesting to see how different things are from BC. 


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