Better Forking vegan Mac and cheese review

I found better forking Vegan Mac and cheese at Home Sense. It was $4.99 The ingredients are simple slightly different than other Mac and Cheese as it has potato and coconut flour in it. The instructions say to cook the pasta for 7-8 minutes but I found mine took 10 to cook.  I don’t always follow instructions when I cook but I am trying to have the same comparisons for all my mac and cheese reviews. Usually the instructions will say to make the sauce by adding vegan butter, plant milk, and cheese packet then add the pasta. The steps were slightly different on the box drain the pasta and quickly put it back in the pan. Add the butter stir. Add the powder stir. Add the plant milk stir. Then let sit for a couple minutes. I tried the pasta with seasoning before I added the milk and I really liked it. It tasted like nacho cheese powder. When I added the milk the taste changed it may be because I only had almond milk it’s not bad though. I added some parmela creamy vegan cheese and really li

2020 review and goals for 2021

Beautiful city of Coquitlam
It is already February 2021 and I have not written a yearly post or made any goals for 2021. Maybe you are reading this in the future it has almost been a year the world has been in a pandemic. 

In my area most businesses that serve food or retail and schools are open. Other things like religious services, group events, and movie theaters are closed. We should only socialize with our household or if we live alone one or two other people. Other places have more severe lock downs. 

My personal situation is my mom and I only socialize indoors with each other. On occasion I will meet a coworker for an outdoor walk and a takeout coffee. We are allowed to eat inside restaurants but I don't feel comfortable. I do pick up take out or visit a coffee shop and get a coffee to go. I am also still working from home but most of my office is back in the office with safety plans in place. 
Coffee outside Coquitlam

It has almost been a year since I have been inside the office. I think it will be a few more months before vaccines and warmer weather make things safe enough for me to return to the office. Now there is a worry of variants making this worse. I am worried about what is going to happen when we have freedom again. 

There are a lot of mental health issues happening right now. People are tired of following restrictions but are also used to staying home and wearing pajamas 24 hours a day. I try to get outside for a walk everyday this forces me to get dressed. 

I have been to a few medical appointments and have been fine but returning to the office still seems daunting to me. I already know what my office looks like I cant imagine what it is like for people that started new jobs during the pandemic.

There are a few other things that have helped me to keep occupied and sane during the pandemic. Instagram has really helped me I have over 500 followers now. I know that may not seem like a lot but I did not do any advertising and just posted pictures. For me it was a goal I never thought I would reach as it took me a year to get to 100 followers. I mostly post food pictures and have been inspired by my followers to try so many new recipes. Go to my Instagram here to see a Vegan dish I created Instagram food picture

Soy curl curry vegan oat yogurt flatbread

On Instagram I also make Reels of my neighborhood and enjoy showing everyone the beauty of the city I live in. Instagram keeps me motivated. I have also learned so many things from people I follow. It is like life education I learned how to clean my apartment, cook lots of amazing vegan dishes, and so much more. Click here if you want to see a Reel I made on Instagram Instagram Reel

Beachbody also keeps me motivated especially while my apartment pool is closed. I have Beachbody on demand and have done the home workouts for years. I am on round two of morning meltdown 100 which is a 100 workout program that is amazing. I am also a huge fan of Shaun T who us going to have a dance conditioning workout coming out in a few months. I am looking forward to that. 

Facebook groups are also motivating for me. A couple years ago another girl and I started a workout motivation group which is still super supportive. We have kept the group small and by invite only on purpose but this year we have had a few more people join. People have said that we helped them to get out of year long workout funks. The group helps me to stay motivated. 

I am also a member of many other groups that keep me occupied. I watch a lot of YouTube and enjoy live streams. While I cant travel watching people in Las Vegas, New York, and other places makes me feel like I am travelling virtually. 

I have learned a lot about viruses and keeping our bodies healthy. I will do a separate post about my journey with fibroids and how my diet has changed. 

Now it is time to set some goals. My internet earnings were down last year this year things are bouncing back. I am going to try to achieve an average of $115 a month which is challenging but achievable. The total will be $1380. I will do a separate post about my internet earnings for 2020 in the meantime you can see my most recent post here online earnings blog post.

I am always working on health goals. I want to continue finishing workout programs and working on nutrition. I have experimented with a vegan diet and it has helped. I'm having trouble fully transitioning from vegetarian so will move to more vegan eating.  

The last goal will be a unique 2021 goal only. Get through the pandemic while continuing to keep my community safe and help those that are struggling. Thanks for reading and keeping me accountable. Comment below or follow me on Instagram@livingvancouverloca to connect more.


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